This garden had many original plants and features including an existing pond, large Lime trees, a Mahonia and Philadelphus. Although quick to grow the Lime trees and Philadelphus at the back of the garden provide privacy and these were left in place but pruned to a more manageable shape. The Mahonia set within a Buxus hedge looked poorly but with food and the installation of an irrigaiton system it, the Buxus and Pleioblastus underneath have all responded well and now reflect the vigour of the new planting. The brief for the garden was of a designed garden with a wild edge to be maintained by its owners. York stone paving was used for its beauty and permanence and plants that contrast each other in form as well as colour were used within a palette that has interest all year.  Paeonia, Polygonatum, Geranium and Asarum work in the more shady areas whilst Sedum, Hemerocallis and Campanula pack a punch nearer the house where it is sunnier. Grasses were also used to soften the Yorkstone and create movement within the scheme. In order to add some height instantly Agapanthus were planted in Urbis Mortar60 planters and in July create a wonderful blue haze as well as attracting pollinating insects and honey bees.