Little Venice

Cairo meets Kensington was the brief for this garden. Sleek and minimalist with a degree of bling! Four children and a large dog all had to be accommodated in the space with room to seat at least eight and a sofa set for the same number. These were set around a large outdoor fireplace with a stacked top to represent the pyramid at Saqqara. Two large Silver Birch were the only plants of merit in the garden and these were retained in a planter of similar size. This planter led on to a sleek white pebble water feature which flows almost silently over a stone edge into a cobble recirculating pool. Pleached Ligustrum trees delineate the space and are under-planted with Nandina domestica and Heuchera for an all year round effect. A large mirror polished buffet for serving food and storing cushions was constructed by the dining table. Although it needs regular polishing it bounces light around the garden and makes the space feel far larger than the 11x7m footprint it actually sits on.