Regent’s Park

A little town garden backed by a mews house, which has been clad in trellis and mirror polished steel to reflect the garden and make the space feel larger. Grand mosaics form the flooring material and are complimented by pools of water with Olive trees on stepping stones through it. The planting consisits of Buxus sempervirens hedging, Paeonia ‘Festiva Maxima’, Hydrangea and Olea europaea.

Used very much as a ‘room outside’ it is carefully divided into two distinct areas. The dining area is set over a stunning mosaic pebble floor and backed by three Olives in pots that stand in a recirculating water feature so as you dine, the background noise of London is broken up by the gentle sound of water.  Colourful easy maintenance planting helps to focus the eye in the garden and away from the adjacent buildings. The space is designed primarily for summer use and outdoor entertaining.

Photos © Peter Baistow