St John’s Wood

A large rear garden that had had very little attention shown to it in the eight years that the clients had owned the property. It was a fully paved urban jungle-land with dense overhanging Laurel which made the house incredibly dark. Due to an impending relocation, the clients commissioned a drastic overhaul of the space to maximise resale value.

The redesigned space features a large artificial lawn allowing for year round use with a large format limestone paved area in front of the house for a large dining set and barbecue. These garden design ideas and features allow for low maintenance and outdoor entertaining. Box hedging provides an evergreen skeleton for winter colour and structure for this landscape design. The scheme also includes four new multistemmed Cornus kousa which flank feature walls. The remainder of the planting is a mix of small shrubs and perennials.

Bronze coloured planters and feature lanterns contrast the limestone paving adding warmth to this modern garden.